CompTIA A+ 220-901 Practice Test

Which of the following is important when replacing a power supply in a workstation located in a datacenter server rack?

A. A fanless power supply should be used
B. The proper voltage must be selected
C. The unit must be the same or less wattage
D. The power connector location must be the same

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A user opens a service ticket for a laser printer that has paper jams. Lately, jamming has become more frequent. The technician recreates the problem and checks the printer logs for more information about the printer. Which of the following choices are MOST likely fixes to this problem? (Select TWO).

A. Clean and inspect the laser drum assembly
B. Clean and inspect the entire paper path
C. Use the printer maintenance kit to replace parts
D. Replace the paper exit assembly switch
E. Clean and replace the paper out sensor
F. Clean the fuser cold roller and verify fuser operation

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Which of the following connectors are commonly used for fiber optic cables?

A. RJ-11 and RJ-45
B. ST and LC
C. F-connectors

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A machine receives an IP address starting with 169.254.x.x when which of the following occurs?

A. When the machine is using IPv6
B. When the next IP range begins with 169.253
C. When the DHCP server does not respond
D. When the operating system is Unix or Linux

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Which of the following is an advantage of using DHCP for network addressing?

A. Simplified configuration
B. More addresses are available
C. Faster connection speeds
D. Lower latency times

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The device that allows two different networks to communicate with one another is:

A. a repeater.
B. a hub.
C. a router.
D. an access point.

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Which of the following is a public IP address?


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Which of the following BEST describes the reason a network administrator would task a technician with replacing a hub with a switch?

A. The hub did not provide PoE
B. The hub had too many collisions
C. The hub was out of ports
D. The hub had a bad port

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Android smartphones are typically different from other smartphone devices in that:

A. Android devices use apps that are more secure than other devices.
B. Android devices use open source operating systems.
C. Android devices can only operate with a proprietary operating system.
D. Android devices can receive apps from different sources.

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A customer brings a laptop in for repair, because the screen image is upside down. Which of the following is the BEST solution?

A. Change the screen orientation
B. Replace the video card
C. Connect an external monitor
D. Update the video card drivers

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A user has downloaded an image file and needs to install an application from the image. When trying to execute or open the file, an error is displayed. Which of the following should the user perform?

A. Download a different file from the website
B. Rename the extension of the file to a known extension
C. Verify the MD5 hash of the downloaded file
D. Mount the file as an emulated DVD

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A technician is working on a laptop with a failed Ethernet port caused by ESD. Which of the following is the simplest solution to restore network connectivity?

A. Re-solder the network connector
B. Replace the Ethernet daughter board
C. Update the Ethernet driver
D. Enable wireless and connect to the WAP

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When a technician is planning to replace a laptop hard drive, the technician will need to:

A. select a drive that is the correct form factor.
B. choose the correct drive cache size for the laptop.
C. also upgrade the memory.
D. verify voltage requirements.

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A technician has upgraded the BIOS of a system that is running with multiple hard drives. Afterward, the system will not boot and displays an error message “Operating system not found”. Which of the following is the FIRST thing the technician should inspect?

A. The hard drive type settings in the BIOS
B. The power supply connections to the hard drives
C. The boot sequence settings in the BIOS
D. The motherboard SATA connectors

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The OSD of a monitor indicates the proper video source is selected, but no image is displayed. Which of the following issues are the MOST likely reasons? (Select TWO).

A. The source cable is disconnected
B. The monitor's brightness is set too low
C. The backlighting of the monitor is faulty
D. The monitor's contrast is set too high
E. No device is sending source video

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The loud clicking noise coming from a faulty hard drive is MOST likely created by:

A. the coil reversing polarity in an endless loop.
B. one or more bad spindle motor bearings.
C. repeated motion of the read/write head armature parallel to the platter.
D. the solid state read/write head scratching the platter surface.

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Joe, a technician, is preparing to replace a laptop screen. This laptop has a touch screen to support Windows 8.1 in order to use the Metro tiles. Which of the following is the FIRST step the technician should perform?

A. Remove the laptop bezel
B. Document and label each cable and screw location
C. Organize the replacement parts
D. Refer to the manufacturer's documentation

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A user has reported that the company notebook is performing some random mouse actions requiring the user to make a lot of typing corrections. How can the technician solve the issue for the user?

A. Adjust the mouse settings so the mouse moves slower
B. Reverse the buttons on the mouse pad
C. Adjust the mouse settings so the mouse moves faster
D. Use the function keys to disable the mouse pad

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A network printer is online and ready. The accounting group is unable to print to this network printer, but other departments can. Which of the following would the technician use to resolve the problem?

A. Replace the printer's network cable
B. Modify the security setting of the print spooler
C. Restart the TCP/IP print spooler service
D. Use the manufacturer's maintenance kit

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A user states there are multiple small black dots on an LCD screen. Which of the following should be done to resolve the issue?

A. Replace monitor.
B. Replace video card.
C. Replace video cable.
D. Replace power supply.

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A technician replaces a failed hard drive with a brand new one. The technician boots from a PE CD and attempts to install a custom OS build deployed from the network.
The hard drive is visible in the system's BIOS. However, once in the preinstallation environment, the drive is not recognized in the imaging process and the process fails. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of failure?

A. The boot CD has failed and needs to be replaced.
B. The hard drive needs to have its configuration manually defined in the BIOS.
C. The PC's power supply is not providing enough power to the new hard drive.
D. The hard drive has not been partitioned correctly.

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A technician is notified that a laptop is not booting. It is discovered that there are no system lights, sounds, or display when the power button is pressed. Which of the following should the technician attempt FIRST in the troubleshooting process?

A. Connect an external monitor into the laptop to determine if the LCD has failed.
B. Boot the system from either a boot CD or other removable media type.
C. Disconnect the AC and battery power and hold the power button for several seconds.
D. Remove any hard drives or optical drives, RAM, and any wireless cards or USB devices from the laptop.

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A user notices the printer that is used for printing global shipper's labels is missing columns in the printed labels. The special label stock is new and appears to be fine. Which of the following should the technician perform FIRST when troubleshooting this problem?

A. Remove any stuck labels from the paper path
B. Clean the pickup rollers and check them for wear
C. Clean the print head with approved materials
D. Replace and realign the print head

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Ann, a user, reports her docked mobile workstation will periodically lose her network share drive and lose video to the second monitor. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of this anomaly?

A. The workstation battery needs to be replaced.
B. The NIC is functioning intermittently.
C. Failed driver updates for the workstation's devices.
D. The surge protector lost AC power.

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A customer states that when booting up the workstation, there is a message that says “no operating system detected”; then, it continues to boot into the operating system. The customer is preparing to modify files on a USB drive. Which of the following should a technician perform to resolve the problem?

A. Reinstall the operating system to reinstall the hardware drivers.
B. Modify the boot.ini within the operating system.
C. Modify the boot sequence within the UEFI.
D. Disable the TPM chip to turn off data encryption.

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A small office would like to offer Internet access to customers while onsite. However, customers should not be able to access any corporate data. Which of the following networking features would BEST enable this?

A. Configure a guest wireless network
B. Implement a DMZ
C. Disable NAT on the wireless network
D. Disable the SSID
E. Assign static IPs for all devices

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Which of the following is a type of fiber connector?

A. RJ-11
B. F-connector

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Which of the following monitor technologies provide the widest viewing angle with rich colors and consistent backlighting? (Select TWO).

A. Light Emitting Diode
B. In-Plane Switching
C. Plasma
D. Twisted Nematic
E. Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp

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A user wants to enable hands-free for a smartphone in a car. Which of the following needs to be performed?

A. Enable WiFi
B. Driver installation
C. Device pairing
D. Enable NFC

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A client, Joe, has reported issues with the back cover of his company-issued smartphone. Joe stated that it seems to either come off on its own, or will not seat properly on the phone. Which of the following is MOST likely the problem?

A. The MicroSD card is not installed properly.
B. The battery needs to be replaced.
C. The charging port is bent.
D. The smartphone has a non-OEM cover.

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Two drives in a RAID 5 have failed. Which of the following will the technician need to implement?

A. Replace the failed drives and restore the data from backup to the RAID.
B. Replace one of the failed drives and run the RAID repair.
C. Replace the failed drives and format the RAID using the quick option.
D. Replace one of the failed drives and repair the RAID using system utilities.

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A network technician connects a tone generator to an RJ-45 drop. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for doing this?

A. To validate proper wiring of the network jack
B. To confirm continuity of the conductors
C. To locate the position of the cable on a patch panel
D. To test the transmission quality of the connection

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A PC has been randomly rebooting several times a day. The technician checks the case for overheating and finds the fans appear to be operating normally. Which of the following should the technician check NEXT?

A. The motherboard for any sign of swollen capacitors
B. The disk drive to determine if it is defragmented and operating properly
C. The embedded NIC to ensure it has the latest firmware and drivers
D. The RAM to confirm it is the correct type for the motherboard being used

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A new employee has reported that print jobs are printing as garbled text. Which of the following is MOST likely the reason for this issue?

A. The printer needs a maintenance kit installed
B. The network cable on the printer is unplugged
C. The workstation has the incorrect drivers installed
D. The employee does not have the proper permissions

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A customer is reporting that after removing a laptop from the docking station and bringing it home, the cursor occasionally jumps around the screen while the customer is typing. Which of the following should the technician do to mitigate this issue?

A. Disable the touch pad on the laptop
B. Install new keyboard drivers for the laptop
C. Install new drivers for the docking station
D. Disable the keyboard on the laptop

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Ann, a user, boots her laptop and notices the screen flashes then turns black. It was working during her presentation yesterday. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should be completed?

A. Use a multimeter to test voltage.
B. Replace the laptop with a new one.
C. Replace the battery.
D. Connect an external display device.

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A new company is thinking of upgrading its media workstation in the conference room. The computer will be predominantly used for graphically intensive presentations, slideshows, and video gaming tournaments. Which of the following BEST satisfies the needs of the company?

A. High-end video, high-end audio, multicore processor
B. Minimum RAM required, network connectivity, high-end cooling
C. Media streaming, file sharing, gigabit NIC, dual monitors, TV tuner
D. Network connectivity, TV tuner, surround sound audio, dual monitors

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Which of the following is an advantage of using static IP addresses for a business?

A. High availability
B. Simplifies IP management
C. Lower security risk
D. Scalability for upgrades

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Which of the following is an advantage of UDP over TCP?

A. It is connection based.
B. It uses flow control.
C. It transfers packets faster.
D. It uses connection handshakes.

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A technician has just installed a wireless access point in a customer's home office. While testing the network and browsing the Internet, the technician finds that the connection is not stable, speeds are slow, and websites sometimes do not load. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

A. Re-enable the broadcasting of the access point's SSID so it is visible to mobile devices.
B. Use a WiFi analyzer to ensure neighboring networks are not using the same channel.
C. Reconfigure network devices to use static IPs instead of DHCP-assigned addresses.
D. Change the signal encryption from WPA2 to WEP to ease transmission overhead.

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Which of the following features is an advantage of a switch over a hub?

A. A switch routes packets instead of frames to different networks.
B. A switch divides bandwidth among connected devices.
C. A switch broadcasts the data frames to every connected device.
D. A switch sends data frames to the correct connected device.

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A user has received an error message when connecting to the wireless network. The error indicates the IP address being used by the user's system is already in use. A DHCP server is used on the network. After having the user disconnect from the wireless network, the technician is still able to ping the user's IP address. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?

A. The user has a statically assigned IP address in the DHCP server scope.
B. The system's local firewall is blocking SYN/ACK traffic from the DHCP server.
C. The DHCP server's scope has been exhausted and no additional IP addresses are available.
D. The user is also connected to the wired network with a LAN cable.

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After migrating a network-based print queue to a new server, users are reporting that documents are not printing correctly and print jobs will error out or print garbled text. Which of the following actions will BEST resolve this issue for the affected users?

A. Install the correct drivers on the server.
B. Delete and reconnect to the print queue on the client machine.
C. Restart the print queues on the print server.
D. Reinstall the printer drivers on the client desktops.

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A user is attempting to print a color document but it will not print in color. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST to fix the problem?

A. Reset printer IP address.
B. Change color toner cartridge.
C. Check grayscale setting.
D. Reinstall printer driver.

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Which of the following are the BEST features to include in a Home Theater PC? (Select TWO).

A. Liquid Cooling
B. VGA Output
C. Dual Monitors
D. Digital Audio
E. HDMI Output
F. NFC Capability

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A user reports the inability to access a company server using the FTP protocol. A technician finds other ports to the server seem to work normally. The technician has determined the problem is an incorrectly configured software firewall on the user's machine. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?

A. Incoming connections on port 445 are blocked.
B. Outgoing connections on port 443 are blocked.
C. Incoming connections on port 143 are blocked.
D. Outgoing connections on port 80 are blocked.
E. Outgoing connections on port 21 are blocked.

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