7750X 40 Q&S Avaya IP Office Contact Center Implementation and Expanded Configuration Exam By Kerwin

Which two statements about Database integration in the IP Office Contact Center are true? (Choose two.)

A. Customers are directed to agents dependent on the agents priority.
B. Customers are directed to agents dependent on the information they input.
C. Customers are directed to agents dependent on time of day.
D. Customers are directed to agents dependent on number they are calling from.

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For which purpose would you assign an Address book to a Profile?

A. To keep a tidy structure in the Address book menu
B. For all users to see on the IPOCC and IP Office
C. For only specified agent to use this Address book
D. For the creating of Historical reports

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When creating a report, where can you indicate to run automatically for emailing to a supervisor?

A. In the Reports Basic Data
B. In the Reports properties
C. In the Reporting folder
D. In Configuration screen under the Service menu

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How can you see if your address book has imported successfully?

A. Go to an agent address book and check all entries.
B. Go to the address book menu, reschedule another import, and then wait for the confirmation.
C. Delete the address book and re-import it.
D. Go to the address book menu, check the import log, and then click the refresh button.

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Historical reports can be scheduled to email to a user, but they can also be scheduled to do what?

A. Display in the User interface
B. Refresh every 15 minutes
C. Export to a folder
D. Print

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Where can you create new chat scripts?

A. Configuration/Topics
B. Configuration/Service/Chat scripts
C. Configuration/ Chat scripts
D. Configuration/System/Chat scripts

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Which two factors determine which call will be routed via the “Last Agent” element? (Choose two.)

A. If the Caller know the extension number of the Agent
B. How long ago the agent spoke to the caller
C. Minimum contact time during the last conversation with the agent
D. The Last Agent available in the group E. If the Customer in is the Agents personal contacts list

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Which component is responsible for the routing within a IVR script?

A. Corba
B. Postgres server
C. Database Server
D. Taskserver IPO

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If the word “help” is in the subject of the emails sent from customers, then those emails are to route to specific agents.
What can you do to make this happen?

A. Have an agent assigned to look through all emails, identify the word “help” in the emails, and then forward the emails to the appropriate agents. word “help” in the email subject.
B. Have a task tag element in your email task flow to pick out the word “help” in the email subject.
C. Have all emails sent to an agent group called “help”.
D. Have all emails go to a topic called “help”.

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The queue full element routes callers depending on the number of callers allowed to queue an agent group.
Where are the queue limits configured?

A. in the Agent group element
B. in the Topic tab
C. in the Agent Group tab
D. in the Queue full element

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The basic default task flow is created when you import the data import sheet successfully, but which Topics will it create the default task flow for?

A. Only the first 3 Topics
B. Only Topics select as Telephony
C. Only Topics you have identified and assigned agent groups to
D. All Topics which are available in the range entered

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What are the three types of dialers available? (Choose three.)

A. Topic Dialer
B. Campaign Dialer
C. Mechanic Dialer
D. Preview Dialer
E. Direct Dialer

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To help with the designing of complex IVR scripts, Avaya have created some IVR scripts for you to use, and placed them on the installation DVD.
How can you access them in your IVR Editor?

A. Copy them to the IVR Editor.
B. Restore them to the IVR Editor.
C. Obtain the license to use them.
D. Import them to the IVR Editor.

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You have created a new real-time screen for the agents, and assigned it to their profile. However, when they look at it, it does not display information for all groups.
What should you check?

A. In the Agent tab, check the authorization.
B. In the Profile, check the authorization.
C. In the Agent tab, check the privileges.
D. In the Profile, check the privileges.

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What is the default port for chat server registration?

A. 8443
B. 5224
C. 5222
D. 5060

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You need to make a change to the task flow, and when you select the active task flow set, you are not asked to make a copy.
Why is this happening?

A. The password is only required when you first create the task flow set.
B. You do not need a password because you are the administrator.
C. The active task flow set has not been set as the default task flow set.
D. You forgot to create a password for the task flow set.

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You have imported the “choice_Transfer_to_Extension” IVR script, so the caller can dial the extension number of the person they are trying to contact.
Which parameter must be edited in the script for this to work?

A. Nothing it read everything from the IP Oice
B. First digit of the extension number
C. the time the caller has to enter the extension number
D. Length of extension number

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The “Voice mail” Source element allow voicemail messages to be retrieved from where?

A. VM Pro
B. Any Voicemail Server
C. An external Voicemail Server
D. IPOCC Voicemail

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An agent requires their UI to open and begin with a customized telephony file. Which three actions must you take? (Choose three.)

A. Select the current Telephony file in UI Configuration Telephony from the agent
B. Remove the default checkmark for UI Configuration Telephony
C. Change the Agent's Authorizations
D. Change the Agent's Privileges
E. Restart the Agent's UI

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What item is required to enable temporary Announcements in the task flow?

A. Task Tag
B. Global Variable
C. Local Variable
D. Call Tag

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You have created your IVR script and activated it, however when you try to assign it to an IVR announcement element in your task flow it does not appear.
What is causing this problem?

A. The IVR has not been assigned to a topic.
B. The IVR has not been assigned to the task flow set.
C. The IVR has not been assigned to the task flow.
D. The IVR script has not been assigned to an IVR.

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You have created a Task flow for a customer, and you can see the potential for it to be used again for your next installation.
How can you capture it for re-use?

A. Take a screenshot, and then have it to hand when you created it again
B. Copy it to a word document
C. Export it to a folder on your PC
D. It is not possible to capture task flow they all have to be created manually

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Your data import has returned the message that the import has failed.
Before trying to import again, which three steps are necessary? (Choose three.)

A. Fix the problem identified in the import log file.
B. Check the import log file to identify the problem.
C. Reinstall the postgres database.
D. Reinstall the IPOCC Server.
E. Restore the empty cc and c3k databases.

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Before restoring any of IPOCC databases, what must you do?

A. Power off the IP Office.
B. Log off all agents.
C. Reboot the server.
D. Stop the watchdog.

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Which application do you use to change the time of the re-occurring daily backup?

A. IPOCC User Interface
B. Manager
C. PGAdmin
D. Web Admin

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What is used to check that all IPOCC services are up and running properly?

A. TT Config
B. TT Display
C. Watchdog
D. TT Console

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To display only the service related messages for each process in TTRace, what must be activated?

A. All Process activated
B. File View activated
C. Status Window activated
D. Service View activated

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In which database are the IPOCC configuration, reporting statistics, and taskflows stored?

A. the AdB database
B. the C3K database
C. the Taskreporting database
D. the CC database

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If you implement a new IP Office Contact Center (IPOCC) on an existing, where must you install a license?

A. Nowhere
B. In the IP Office and in the IPOCC
C. In the IPOCC
D. In the IP Office

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Which two connections between IP Office and IP Office Contact Center are necessary? (Choose two.)

A. SIP endpoint connection
B. SIP trunk connection
C. TAPI connection
D. H323 connection

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