C7020-230 34 Q&S IBM Watson V3 Application Development by Lord Obsidian

Which combination of three IBM Watson services is applicable to assist an agent at a phone-based customer call center? (Choose three.)

A. Conversation
B. Tradeoff Analytics
C. Discovery
D. Natural Language Classifier
E. Speech to Text
F. Relationship Extraction

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Which authorization must a developer acquire prior to creating an IBM Watson service instance?

A. an IBM Watson Developer Cloud account
B. an IBM Bluemix account
C. an IBM Marketplace account
D. an IBM PartnerWorld account

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Which characteristic makes an API RESTfuI?

A. It only works with Javascript.
B. It uses standard HTTP methods (e.g., GET, PUT, POST, or DELETE).
C. It defines a number of custom media types for resources and is discoverable based on multiple known end-points.
D. It uses non-standard HTTP methods.

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When is it appropriate to include multiple classes for a sample text in the training data for IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier?

A. When text is very detailed such that identifying a single class may cause inaccuracies.
B. When experts interpret the same text in different ways, multiple classes support those interpretations.
C. When the text utterances are very similar in nature and we want to mark slight differences using classes
D. When the classifier has been retrained and we want to preserve old classes from a previous training set.

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How are language preferences set for IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier (NLC)?

A. The NLC can automatically detect the language of the incoming request.
B. A language parameter is specified as a part of every call to the classifier.
C. There are no options to do this as the NLC works only on English language utterances.
D. The language parameter is specified in the training meta data file when creating a classifier.

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Which game development engine has a corresponding IBM Watson SDK?

B. Cryengine
C. Minecraft
D. Unity

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What are two IBM Watson services included in the Social Customer Care Starter Kit? (Choose two.)

A. Discovery
B. Tone Analyzer
C. Personality Insights
D. Speech to Text
E. Natural Language Understanding

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Which IBM Watson service is applicable to analyze data insights for Instagram images?

A. Discovery
B. Visual Recognition
C. Conversation
D. Natural Language Understanding

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What is the formula for recall in a classification system?

A. True Positives/ (True Positives+False Negatives)
B. True Positives/ (True Positives+False Positives)
C. False Positives/ (True Negatives+False Negatives)
D. True Positives/ (True Positives+True Negatives)

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Built into the IBM Watson Discovery service is the Watson Discovery News data set.
How is this collection different from other collections?

A. The Watson Discovery News collection is specific to the company news domain, whereas a collection is specific to a domain.
B. Documents from the Watson Discovery News collection can be ingested as sample documents to better configure a private collection.
C. The Watson Discovery News configuration and documents cannot be adjusted.
D. The Watson Discovery News data set and a private collection can be queried with a single query call.

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What Watson solution can answer common support questions typically handled by a live agent?

A. Conversation
B. Language Translator
C. Tone analyzer
D. Natural Language Classifier

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A developer is using machine learning techniques to train a cognitive system, which will identify fraudulent insurance claims.
What would be best suited for training data?

A. A set of known legitimate claims mixed in with random claim samples.
B. A set of known fraudulent claims mixed in with random claim samples.
C. A new set of unknown claims.
D. Samples of known fraudulent and legitimate claims.

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What two system entities can be configured within an IBM Watson Conversation agent?

A. sys-intent
B. sys-entity
C. sys-number
D. sys-condition

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Does an application that consumes an IBM Watson service need to be hosted on IBM Bluemix?

A. No, Bluemix facilities are not required for either the application or for working with the service.
B. Yes, the networking bindings require that the entire application and Watson service run on Bluemix.
C. Yes, Watson services are not visible to runtimes running outside of the Bluemix environment.
D. No, any application framework supporting standard REST API invocation can consume an Watson service.

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What are two advantages gained by using IBM Bluemix (Bluemix) as the application platform for an application using Watson services? (Choose two.)

A. Bluemix provides an integrated and secure set of features for continuous development and continuous deployment.
B. The Bluemix application developer can choose among multiple release versions of the Cloud Foundry framework.
C. Bluemix provides services for securely integrating on premises and off premises applications.
D. Bluemix is built on proprietary API' s which provide competitive advantages.
E. Bluemix promotes 12-factor methodology since Bluemix is deployed exclusively as a public cloud model.

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What combination of three cognitive capabilities are applicable for a physician advisor? (Choose three.)

A. keyword extraction
B. emotion analysis
C. entity extraction
D. structured data analytics
E. text classification
F. sentiment analysis

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The IT helpdesk of a large enterprise routinely conducts surveys of its users. The survey allows the users to rate the performance of the helpdesk and to enter about 3-4 lines of comments in a free form text field.
Which IBM Watson service should the IT helpdesk use to derive insights from the texts and to look for patterns among complaints for improvements?

A. Tone Analyzer to evaluate sentiments expressed in the comments.
B. Use Personality insights to analyze traits of the users logging the comments.
C. Use Discovery to extract keywords and entities for common patterns across the comments plus gain insight into the sentiment expressed by each comment.
D. Use Natural Language Classifier to look for concepts mentioned in the review.

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What is the purpose of the maximum alternatives parameter in the IBM Watson Speech to Text service?

A. Reports hypotheses for acoustically similar alternatives for words of the input audio.
B. Represents the intermediate hypotheses of a transcription that are likely to change before the service returns the final result.
C. Accepts a Boolean value that tells the service whether to provide confidence measures for the words of the transcription.
D. Accepts an integer that tells the service to return the n-best alternative hypotheses.

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How can an IBM Watson Conversation agent be configured in a language other than English?

A. The only language offered for Watson Conversation is English due to limitations in compatibility with other IBM Watson services that can be integrated in to a Watson Conversation agent.
B. Use the available REST API to configure the language using the ISO country code.
C. Upon creating a workspace for the Watson Conversation agent, select the language of the conversational agent in the Language drop-down.
D. In the Conversation workspace, check the box next to the supported language within the panel in the Dialog tab.

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In a neural network, what is the name of the region marked with a question

A. Hidden Layer
B. Computational Layer
C. Cognitive Layer
D. Intelligence Layer

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Where is the source code for the IBM Watson SDK located?

A. IBM Watson Developer Cloud repository on Github
B. IBM Watson Knowledge Center
C. IBM Bluemix documentation
D. IBM DeveloperWorks site

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Which statement is a recommended practice when creating an IBM Watson cognitive virtual agent?

A. When searching for articles related to an entity or keyword from the Watson Discovery News service, use the relevance parameter to improve the accuracy of the search.
B. Increase the amount of the transcribed text to improve the quality and confidence of the extracted concepts.
C. When using the Conversation service, define different opening sentences in the dialog flow to prevent repetitive conversations where the dialog always asks the same questions.
D. When constructing a query for the Watson Discovery News service, the developer should specify the return parameter to control what the query should return.

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Which two statements accurately describe file size management for IBM Watson Discovery service? (Choose two.)

A. Sample documents must be uploaded to a separate collection other than actual content.
B. There is a limit of no more than 5 documents sample documents.
C. Sample documents must be deleted before uploading documents to a collection.
D. The maximum file size for a sample document is 5MB.
E. The maximum file size for documents in a collection is 50MB.

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Why would the data crawler be used with the IBM Watson Discovery service?

A. The data crawler automates the upload of content to the Discovery service.
B. Use the data crawler when structured data must be mined from other services.
C. When working with the tooling, the data crawler can be used to upload sample documents.
D. When there is a business need to dynamically crawl websites, Twitter and constantly changing content.

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In the context of machine learning, what is overfitting?

A. Overfitting is the creation of a statistical model that describes noise instead of the underlying relationship.
B. Overfitting is the creation of a model that is too general, so it performs well on just about every test that is run against it.
C. Overfitting is the creation of an imprecise model which is the result of only using training data without using any validation data.
D. Overfitting is an artificially accurate model and can occur when the test data is too similar to the training data.

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What is important when creating an IBM Watson Visual Recognition classifier?

A. Ensure use of only PNG formatted images.
B. Collect training images for the same classification that are very similar to each other.
C. Provide an approximately equal number of both positive and negative examples of pictures to train with.
D. Make sure training images are high resolution foe better accuracy.

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What is a method for measuring the accuracy of an unsupervised machine learning system?

A. changing training set size and averaging results
B. cross-validation tests
C. density estimation
D. using a confusion matrix

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What are two available IBM Watson REST APIs grouped as Data Insights services? (Choose two.)

A. Tradeoff Analytics
B. Big Data Analytics
C. Concept Extraction
D. Retrieve and Rank
E. Watson Discovery News

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What combination of IBM Watson services would best implement the Agent Assist pattern?

A. Speech to Text and Concept Insights
B. Conversation and Discovery
C. Natural Language Classifier
D. Conversation and Relationship Extraction

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A cognitive solution is implemented to detect what the user wants to do. The user mentions that he wants to buy a ski jacket for an upcoming vacation in Colorado.
Why is it important to analyze the user's input for entities?

A. There must be an intent for each and every entity detected by the program.
B. The number of entities found in the utterance could improve the accuracy of the answer.
C. Specific content such as the location (Colorado) could be used to further inform the program.
D. They could indicate variations in the flow of the dialog node.

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