CS0-001 62Q&S CompTIA CybersecurityAnalyst (CSA+)Certification Exam by Kaes

Which of the following BEST describes the offensive participants in a tabletop exercise?

A. Red team
B. Blue team
C. System administrators
D. Security analysts
E. Operations team

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A vulnerability scan has returned the following information: Which of the following describes the meaning of these results?

A. There is an unknown bug in a Lotus server with no Bugtraq ID.
B. Connecting to the host using a null session allows enumeration of share names.
C. Trend Micro has a known exploit that must be resolved or patched.
D. No CVE is present, so it is a false positive caused by Lotus running on a Windows server.

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A cybersecurity analyst is conducting a security test to ensure that information regarding the web server is protected from disclosure. The cybersecurity analyst requested an HTML file from the web server, and the
Which of the following actions should be taken to remediate this security issue?

A. Set “Allowlatescanning” to 1 in the URLScan.ini configuration file.
B. Set “Removeserverheader” to 1 in the URLScan.ini configuration file.
C. Set “Enablelogging” to 0 in the URLScan.ini configuration file.
D. Set “Perprocesslogging” to 1 in the URLScan.ini configuration file.

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A cybersecurity professional typed in a URL and discovered the admin panel for the e-commerce application is accessible over the open web with the default password. Which of the following is the MOST secure solution to remediate this vulnerability?

A. Rename the URL to a more obscure name, whitelist all corporate IP blocks, and require two-factor authentication.
B. Change the default password, whitelist specific source IP addresses, and require two-factor authentication.
C. Whitelist all corporate IP blocks, require an alphanumeric passphrase for the default password, and require two-factor authentication.
D. Change the username and default password, whitelist specific source IP addresses, and require two-factor authentication.

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A company wants to update its acceptable use policy (AUP) to ensure it relates to the newly implemented password standard, which requires sponsored authentication of guest wireless devices. Which of the following is MOST likely to be incorporated in the AUP?

A. Sponsored guest passwords must be at least ten characters in length and contain a symbol.
B. The corporate network should have a wireless infrastructure that uses open authentication standards.
C. Guests using the wireless network should provide valid identification when registering their wireless devices.
D. The network should authenticate all guest users using 802.1x backed by a RADIUS or LDAP server.

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A. PKI transfer vulnerability.
B. Active Directory encryption vulnerability.
C. Web application cryptography vulnerability.
D. VPN tunnel vulnerability.

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A security analyst is adding input to the incident response communication plan. A company officer has suggested that if a data breach occurs, only affected parties should be notified to keep an incident from becoming a media headline. Which of the following should the analyst recommend to the company officer?

A. The first responder should contact law enforcement upon confirmation of a security incident in order for a forensics team to preserve chain of custody.
B. Guidance from laws and regulations should be considered when deciding who must be notified in order to avoid fines and judgements from non-compliance.
C. An externally hosted website should be prepared in advance to ensure that when an incident occurs victims have timely access to notifications from a non-compromised recourse.
D. The HR department should have information security personnel who are involved in the investigation of the incident sign non-disclosure agreements so the company cannot be held liable for customer data that might be viewed during an investigation.

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A cybersecurity analyst has received the laptop of a user who recently left the company. The analyst types

This concerns the analyst because this subnet should not be known to users within the company. Which of the following describes what this code has done on the network?

A. Performed a ping sweep of the Class C network.
B. Performed a half open SYB scan on the network.
C. Sent 255 ping packets to each host on the network.
D. Sequentially sent an ICMP echo reply to the Class C network.

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A security audit revealed that port 389 has been used instead of 636 when connecting to LDAP for the authentication of users. The remediation recommended by the audit was to switch the port to 636 wherever technically possible. Which of the following is the BEST response?

A. Correct the audit. This finding is a well-known false positive; the services that typically run on 389 and 636 are identical.
B. Change all devices and servers that support it to 636, as encrypted services run by default on 636.
C. Change all devices and servers that support it to 636, as 389 is a reserved port that requires root access and can expose the server to privilege escalation attacks.
D. Correct the audit. This finding is accurate, but the correct remediation is to update encryption keys on each of the servers to match port 636.

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Which of the following attacks is occurring?

A. Cross-site scripting
B. Header manipulation
C. SQL injection
D. XML injection

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A company that is hiring a penetration tester wants to exclude social engineering from the list of authorized activities. Which of the following documents should include these details?

A. Acceptable use policy
B. Service level agreement
C. Rules of engagement
D. Memorandum of understanding
E. Master service agreement

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Review the following results:

Which of the following has occurred?

A. This is normal network traffic.
B. is infected with a Trojan.
C. is infected with a worm.
D. is infected with a Trojan.

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A cybersecurity analyst is retained by a firm for an open investigation. Upon arrival, the cybersecurity analyst reviews several security logs.

Which of the following combinations BEST describes the situation and recommendations to be made for this situation?

A. The cybersecurity analyst has discovered host using Windows Task Scheduler at 13:30 to runnc.exe; recommend proceeding with the next step of removing the host from the network.
B. The cybersecurity analyst has discovered host to be running thenc.exe file at 13:30 using the auto cron job remotely, there are no recommendations since this is not a threat currently.
C. The cybersecurity analyst has discovered host is beaconing every day at 13:30 using thenc.exe file; recommend proceeding with the next step of removing the host from the network.
D. The security analyst has discovered host is a rogue device on the network, recommend proceeding with the next step of removing the host from the network.

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In order to meet regulatory compliance objectives for the storage of PHI, vulnerability scans must be conducted on a continuous basis. The last completed scan of the network returned 5,682 possible vulnerabilities. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) would like to establish a remediation plan to resolve all known issues. Which of the following is the BEST way to proceed?

A. Attempt to identify all false positives and exceptions, and then resolve all remaining items.
B. Hold off on additional scanning until the current list of vulnerabilities have been resolved.
C. Place assets that handle PHI in a sandbox environment, and then resolve all vulnerabilities.
D. Reduce the scan to items identified as critical in the asset inventory, and resolve these issues first.

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Given the above information, which of the following steps should be performed NEXT to secure the system?

A. Disable anonymous SSH logins.
B. Disable password authentication for SSH.
C. Disable SSHv1.
D. Disable remote root SSH logins.

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A cybersecurity analyst has received a report that multiple systems are experiencing slowness as a result of a DDoS attack. Which of the following would be the BEST action for the cybersecurity analyst to perform?

A. Continue monitoring critical systems.
B. Shut down all server interfaces.
C. Inform management of the incident.
D. Inform users regarding the affected systems.

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A security analyst has been asked to remediate a server vulnerability. Once the analyst has located a patch for the vulnerability, which of the following should happen NEXT?

A. Start the change control process.
B. Rescan to ensure the vulnerability still exists.
C. Implement continuous monitoring.
D. Begin the incident response process.

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A recent vulnerability scan found four vulnerabilities on an organization's public Internet-facing IP addresses. Prioritizing in order to reduce the risk of a breach to the organization, which of the following should be remediated FIRST?

A. A cipher that is known to be cryptographically weak.
B. A website using a self-signed SSL certificate.
C. A buffer overflow that allows remote code execution.
D. An HTTP response that reveals an internal IP address.

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A cybersecurity analyst has several SIEM event logs to review for possible APT activity. The analyst was given several items that include lists of indicators for both IP addresses and domains. Which of the following actions is the BEST approach for the analyst to perform?

A. Use the IP addresses to search through the event logs.
B. Analyze the trends of the events while manually reviewing to see if any of the indicators match.
C. Create an advanced query that includes all of the indicators, and review any of the matches.
D. Scan for vulnerabilities with exploits known to have been used by an APT.

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Which of the following can a system administrator infer from the above output?

A. The company email server is running a non-standard port.
B. The company email server has been compromised.
C. The company is running a vulnerable SSH server.
D. The company web server has been compromised.

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A cybersecurity analyst has received an alert that well-known “call home” messages are continuously observed by network sensors at the network boundary. The proxy firewall successfully drops the messages. After determining the alert was a true positive, which of the following represents the MOST likely cause?

A. Attackers are running reconnaissance on company resources.
B. Commands are attempting to reach a system infected with a botnet trojan.
C. An insider is trying to exfiltrate information to a remote network.
D. Malware is running on a company system.

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After scanning the main company's website with the OWASP ZAP tool, a cybersecurity analyst is reviewing

The analyst reviews a snippet of the offending code: Which of the following is the BEST course of action based on the above warning and code snippet?

A. The analyst should implement a scanner exception for the false positive.
B. The system administrator should disable SSL and implement TLS.
C. The developer should review the code and implement a code fix.
D. The organization should update the browser GPO to resolve the issue.

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An alert has been distributed throughout the information security community regarding a critical Apache vulnerability. Which of the following courses of action would ONLY identify the known vulnerability?

A. Perform an unauthenticated vulnerability scan on all servers in the environment.
B. Perform a scan for the specific vulnerability on all web servers.
C. Perform a web vulnerability scan on all servers in the environment.
D. Perform an authenticated scan on all web servers in the environment.

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An organization wants to remediate vulnerabilities associated with its web servers. An initial vulnerability scan has been performed, and analysts are reviewing the results. Before starting any remediation, the analysts want to remove false positives to avoid spending time on issues that are not actual vulnerabilities. Which of the following would be an indicator of a likely false positive?

A. Reports show the scanner compliance plug-in is out-of-date.
B. Any items labeled 'low' are considered informational only.
C. The scan result version is different from the automated asset inventory.
D. 'HTTPS' entries indicate the web page is encrypted securely.

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The new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is seeking recommendations for network monitoring services for the local intranet. The CTO would like the capability to monitor all traffic to and from the gateway, as well as the capability to block certain content. Which of the following recommendations would meet the needs of the organization?

A. Recommend setup of IP filtering on both the internal and external interfaces of the gateway router.
B. Recommend installation of an IDS on the internal interface and a firewall on the external interface of the gateway router.
C. Recommend installation of a firewall on the internal interface and a NIDS on the external interface of the gateway router.
D. Recommend installation of an IPS on both the internal and external interfaces of the gateway router.

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While a threat intelligence analyst was researching an indicator of compromise on a search engine, the web proxy generated an alert regarding the same indicator. The threat intelligence analyst states that related sites were not visited but were searched for in a search engine. Which of the following MOST likely happened in this situation?

A. The analyst is not using the standard approved browser.
B. The analyst accidently clicked a link related to the indicator.
C. The analyst has prefetch enabled on the browser in use.
D. The alert in unrelated to the analyst's search.

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A university wants to increase the security posture of its network by implementing vulnerability scans of both centrally managed and student/employee laptops. The solution should be able to scale, provide minimum false positives and high accuracy of results, and be centrally managed through an enterprise console. Which of the following scanning topologies is BEST suited for this environment?

A. A passive scanning engine located at the core of the network infrastructure
B. A combination of cloud-based and server-based scanning engines
C. A combination of server-based and agent-based scanning engines
D. An active scanning engine installed on the enterprise console

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A threat intelligence feed has posted an alert stating there is a critical vulnerability in the kernel. Unfortunately, the company's asset inventory is not current. Which of the following techniques would a cybersecurity analyst perform to find all affected servers within an organization?

A. A manual log review from data sent to syslog
B. An OS fingerprinting scan across all hosts
C. A packet capture of data traversing the server network
D. A service discovery scan on the network

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During a routine review of firewall logs, an analyst identified that an IP address from the organization's server subnet had been connecting during nighttime hours to a foreign IP address, and had been sending between 150 and 500 megabytes of data each time. This had been going on for approximately one week, and the affected server was taken offline for forensic review. Which of the following is MOST likely to drive up the incident's impact assessment?

A. PII of company employees and customers was exfiltrated.
B. Raw financial information about the company was accessed.
C. Forensic review of the server required fall-back on a less efficient service.
D. IP addresses and other network-related configurations were exfiltrated.
E. The local root password for the affected server was compromised.

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