E20-624 34 Q&S EMC EMCPE VMAX Family Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers

Which VMAX3 model(s) has a maximum cache, per engine, of 2 TB and supports a maximum of 2880 2.5” drives?

A. VMAX 100K
B. VMAX 200K only
C. VMAX 200K and VMAX 400K
D. VMAX 400K only

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Which TimeFinder SnapVX feature provides for the automatic termination of a snapshot?

A. Time to Terminate
B. Time to Expire
C. Auto Snap Terminate
D. Time to Live

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When can D@RE be enabled on a VMAX 20K?

A. Any time with a bin file change
B. During an FE I/O module upgrade
C. At installation with the 'Configure and Install New' script
D. When Engines 1-3 or 6-8 are added

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What will support the SRDF/A Multi-Cycle mode when multiple SRDF/A cycles are created on the R1 side?

A. VMAX3 source and VMAX target
B. DMX sourceand VMAX3 target
C. VMAX3 source and VMAX3 target
D. VMAX source and VMAX3 target

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Which two types of DAEs are available in all system bays of a VMAX3 family array?

A. 9-drive DAE and 15-drive DAE
B. 12-drive DAE and 15-drive DAE
C. 15-drive DAE and 25-drive DAE
D. 60-drive DAE and 120-drive DAE

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Based on the exhibit, what does the highlighted component in the high density VMAX 10K file system represent?

A. Control Stations
B. Uninterruptible Power Supply
C. InfiniBand Switches

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Which VMAX3 task is performed by the “Verify VMAX Setup” script?

A. Configure the installed software
B. Load drives per order
C. Load LCC firmware
D. Confirm MMCS connectivity

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Which tool can be used to beacon the light bar on a VMAX3?

A. SMC SymmWin
B. Unisphere for VMAX SymmWin
C. Unisphere for VMAX Solutions Enabler
D. SMC Solutions Enabler

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If a VMAX3 System Bay 1 can have two additional standby power supplies located at the bottom of the cabinet, when would they be needed?

A. When adding additional DAEs
B. When a third system bay is added
C. When more than one engine is installed
D. When using the work tray in System Bays 2-8

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You are inspecting a VMAX3 at a customer site. Which physical component will differentiate a VMAX 400K from other VMAX models?

A. Dual 12-port InfiniBand fabric switches
B. Dual 18-port InfiniBand fabric switches
C. Dual Ethernet switches
D. Dual MMCS

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In a VMAX3 bay configured with only one engine, to which component(s) does SPS 3A/3B supply power?

A. InfiniBand switches
B. Engine only
C. Engine and Fabric
D. Fabric only

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You are performing a spare replacement script after the EMC Certified Data Erasure feature has completed. However, the erasure was not successful. What should be performed next?

A. Use a Data Erase Appliance to erase the drive
B. Perform a selective VTOC on the drive
C. Retry the EMC Certified Data Erasure script again
D. Give the failed disk to the customer

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What is the purpose of the blue triangles located on PDU-A and PDU-8 on the VMAX3 array shown in the exhibit?

A. Master power breaker for the given PDU
B. Color coding
C. Separate the two PDUs
D. Lock/Unlock the PDU from the rack

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You have selected to run an MMCS-1 replacement from MMCS-2. What will happen to MMCS-2 when “run” the MMCS-1 replacement task is clicked?

A. Secondary MMCS-2 becomes the Primary MMCS-2
B. Secondary MMCS-2 becomes the Elevated Secondary MMCS-2
C. Secondary MMCS-2 becomes the Elevated Primary MMCS-2
D. MMCS-1 becomes the Elevated Primary MMCS-1

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Which power zone, outlet, and breaker is responsible for supplying power to the KVM on a VMAX3 system?

A. Power Zone A, Outlet 1, Breaker 1
B. Power Zone A, Outlet 2, Breaker 1
C. Power Zone B, Outlet 10, Breaker 3
D. Power Zone B, Outlet 20, Breaker 5

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Immediately after powering on a VMAX installation, you notice that a DAE ID is incorrectly set. Which action can be used to correctly set the DAE ID?

A. Reset the DAE ID and power cycle the storage bay
B. DAE ID can be reset by selecting the correct ID
C. Reset the DAE ID and reseat the cables connected to the DAE
D. Reset the DAE ID and power cycle the engine in which the DAE is attached

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