EX0-008 31 Q&S Exin ASF Certification Agile Scrum Foundation

Which statement describes Release Planning?

A. After looking at all the stories in the backlog, the team estimates their effort in detail.
B. The team meets with the customer to negotiate the scope, cost and time of the release.
C. The team and the Product Owner agree on an initial plan for the delivery of features.

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How does Agile bring predictability to the Planning process?

A. By allowing the customers to review the progress often.
B. By assigning most of the responsibility to the Product Owner.
C. By making the team self-organized and self-planning.
D. By providing early visibility into the team's progress.

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How should 'done' be defined when multiple teams are working on a single product?

A. All teams must have the same definition of 'done'.
B. Each team must define and use their own definition of 'done'.
C. The Scrum Master defines when the item is 'done'.

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Near the end of a Sprint, the team realizes that they will not be able to complete the stories they had committed to.
What is the best course of action for the team?

A. Add resources and team members to meet the goals of the current Sprint.
B. Ask the Product Owner to decide which stories can be delayed until the next Sprint.
C. Decide on a new definition of 'done' for the Sprint Backlog Items.

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What is an "escaped defect"?

A. A defect that was found by the customer.
B. A defect that was planned to be fixed, but not fixed in a Sprint.
C. A defect the Continuous Integration System failed to catch.

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The Product Owner is going on a three-week vacation. The team should be closing the current Sprint and starting a new Sprint at the end of the first week of the Product Owner's vacation.
What is the best way to continue the Scrum rituals in this situation?

A. Each Scrum team should ideally have two Product Owners to provide cover.
B. The Product Owner should be requested to delay his vacation by a week.
C. The Scrum Master should take over and cover for the Product Owner.

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When is a Sprint complete?

A. When all of the Product Backlog items are completed.
B. When all the tasks in the Sprint Backlog are completed.
C. When the Sprint defined time box ends.

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What message can you give to a customer about a key benefit of using Scrum?

A. Scrum will give customers more control over day-to-day activities.
B. Scrum will help the team accept changes into the project at no additional cost.
C. The team will show a demonstration of working software every few weeks.

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A Manager requests to attend the daily stand-up meeting so that he can be more responsive to the team by being aware of the team's progress and issues.
As the Scrum Master, what should you do?

A. Allow the Product Owner to participate in 'listen only' mode.
B. Allow the Product Owner to participate like any other team member.
C. Turn down the request as the daily stand-up is only for the team.

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What is the usual length of the time box for the complete Sprint Planning meeting?

A. Four hours for a 30 day Sprint, one to two hours for a shorter Sprint.
B. However long it takes to complete the Sprint Backlog.
C. Never more than two hours, regardless of Sprint length.

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Who knows most about the progress towards a business objective or a release?

A. The Product Owner
B. The Scrum Master
C. The team

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What is the best way to split up teams on a large project which is implemented using Scrum?

A. Group by domain expertise.
B. Group by features being developed,
C. Group by specialty of the team members.

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Collaboration is the most important parameter for the success of an Agile team.
What term best describes this type of interaction?

A. Distributed team working.
B. Information radiator sharing.
C. Osmotic communication.

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A team has eleven members spread over two locations across two time zones. One of the locations has six team members and the other team has five.
Where should a Scrum Master be located?

A. Alternate the Scrum Master between both locations.
B. Appoint a local Scrum Master for both teams.
C. The Scrum Master is located in one of the teams.

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For a Sprint, progress is monitored in a burn-up chart with bars.
What makes the bar become longer?

A. The progression of time.
B. Work is added to the Sprint Backlog.
C. Work is deleted from the Sprint Backlog.

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A 200 member project team is working on a large and complex system with multiple sub-systems. They would like to start using the Agile Scrum methodology.
As a Scrum Master, what would your best advice be?

A. Scrum is not suited for such a large project. The team should clearly use the Waterfall method or the Crystal Clear method.
B. Ask all potential members of the project team to have a meeting first and decide if they agree to use Scrum.
C. Agree a logical sub-division of the system so that smaller Scrum teams can work on sub-systems and can add tangible value.

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What is a Scrum-of-Scrums?

A. A meeting for management to get insight into the working of teams.
B. A meeting for Scrum Masters of international Scrum teams.
C. A meeting to coordinate the work of multiple Scrum teams.
D. A meeting to show the customer an update of the product.

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Why is planning poker an effective estimation technique?

A. It generates a lot of useful discussion and gets team buy-in.
B. It results in lower estimates as team members will estimate individually.
C. It triggers a more detailed and task oriented break-up of the story.

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What should the Scrum Master advise the team to give their main focus, while working in a global distributed team?

A. Favor conference calls and video chats in order to save on travel budget.
B. Place greater emphasis on team-building activities and cultural sensitivities.
C. Provide at least four hours of overlap time by changing working hours.

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A team selects a Product Backlog Item (PBI) for the Sprint Backlog. What must a team do to finish the Product Backlog Item it selects?

A. As much as can be done in the Sprint before the deadline.
B. As much as is required to satisfy the definition of 'done'.
C. Analyze, design, program, test and document the PBI.

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An engineering organization is transforming their project management method to use Agile Scrum. What is the best approach to the transformation?

A. Get a senior executive to champion the transformation.
B. Get the team managers to monitor their team's progress on a daily basis.
C. Make a swift transition and start using Scrum for all projects.

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Which of the following statements best expresses the role that the daily stand-up meeting plays in the monitoring of a Scrum project?

A. The stand-up meeting helps the Scrum Master to update the burn-down chart.
B. The stand-up meeting gives the team insight into their progress and their issues.
C. The stand-up meeting lets the Product Owner review the progress of the team.

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What is the relationship between the Product Backlog, the Release Backlog and the Sprint Backlog?

A. The Product Backlog is a subset of the Sprint Backlog, which is a subset of the Release Backlog.
B. The Release Backlog is a subset of the Product Backlog, which is a subset of the Sprint Backlog
C. The Sprint Backlog is a subset of the Product Backlog, which is a subset of the Release Backlog.

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What is the expected outcome of the first Sprint on a project?

A. A few working, tested features from the Product Backlog
B. Architecture and high-level design of the Product
C. Assignment of the team, Product Owner and Scrum Master
D. A well-defined release plan for the Product

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Who is the owner of a Sprint Backlog Item during the Sprint Planning meeting?

A. The entire team owns all Sprint Backlog Items.
B. The Product Owner owns all Sprint Backlog Items.
C. The team member working on the item owns that item.

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