M2020-621 10 Q&S IBM Risk Analytics for Insurance and Pensions Sales Mastery Test v1 by Lord Obsidian

Which solution supports balance sheet risk policy for key decision making around effective use of capital?

A. Integrated Market and Credit Risk
B. Credit Lifecycle Management
C. Liquidity Risk & Asset Liability Management
D. Collateral Operations Management

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Which solution utilizes a mainly "top- down" approach as opposed to a "bottom-up" approach?

A. Algo Liquidity Management
B. Algo Strategic Business Planning
C. Algo Collateral Management
D. Algo Actuarial and Financial Modeler

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When the Spanish Confederation of savings banks (CECA) required a fully automated margin management system from IBM Risk Analytics .which solution did they adopt?

A. Credit Lifecycle Management
B. Collateral Operations Management
C. Strategic Business Planning
D. Economic Capital & Solvency II

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Which bank had Q3 2011 revenue adjustments due to CVA which measured in the billions of dollars?

A. Citigroup
B. JP Morgan Chase
C. Bank of America
D. All of the above

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Which role within the bank would be most interested in applying "real-time" risk analytics for better pricing?

A. Global Head of Wholesale Banking
B. Head of Portfolio Models Market and Credit Risk
C. EVP, Head of Risk Management
D. VP. CVA Trading Desk

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Regarding the securities held by banks, which statement is true?

A. Banking book securities are actively traded within stock markets
B. Valuations of banking book securities are affected by day-to-day market activity
C. Trading book securities are typically held until maturity
D. Banking book securities include loans and long-term bonds

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Which of the following is not a dimension of a Mark-to-Future cube?

A. Scenarios
B. Time steps
C. Exposures
D. Instruments

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Based on the Risk Magazine Technology rankings for Enterprise Risk Management, which statement is false?

A. Algorithmics trading platform was ranked in the top five
B. Sungard was ranked in the top five
C. FinCAD was NOT ranked in the top five
D. Market was NOT ranked in the top five

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